The road to Colline Albelle

We turned on to a narrow road and started the steep trek up the first ridge-line of the Tuscan coast. Around 350m up, we broke through the thick cloud layer and were welcomed with an abundant sunshine. Here an abandoned vineyard was still showing great potential, and after extensive, meticulous research, we decided it was time to bring it back to life.

A Tuscan dream

The project Colline Albelle started in 2016, during an encounter between three passionate wine producers in France and Bulgaria along with their families.Their love for Tuscany brought them to discover an abandoned estate in Riparbella, a beautiful village on the hills above the Tuscan coast.

Quickly the dream was becoming a reality. Julian succeeded in giving the wine operation its technical structure, but a character too that was equally imbued with passion, and a modern interpretation whose roots lie deep in the principles of sustainability and biodiversity.

Dilyana was creating the guidelines for wine inspiration, while Irena was running the artistic side of the project.

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