Riparbella, an ancient medieval village on the hills above Bolgheri is one of the just-emerging locales that is winning attention for the quality and distinctive personality of its wines. Lightly anthropized, it boasts a still preserved nature that over the last decades has assumed a model of organic and natural viticulture. 

Colline Albelle, a unique Terroir

This unique location has inspired us, a team of international dreamers, shot through with determination and passion for a simple goal – to make exceptional wines that capture the wild beauty of the land and the spirit of the Tuscan coast.

The well-drained sandy soils, rich in pebble content, are the common thread in the high quality winemaking potential here.
This is the common hallmark of a place where one has the impression of discovering an unknown and greatly preserved corner of Tuscany.

High elevations

High elevations provide long days of crisp sunlight and difficult growing conditions create concentration and character. This gives our wines tremendous density and lively aromas.

Coastal Influence

Coastal influence brings in cooling maritime winds and dense fog in the vineyard allowing the fruit to maintain balance and elegance while imparting a distinct coastal salinity in the wine.

Biodynamic Farming

Driven by the principles of organic and biodynamic viticulture, we believe in harmony and balance between each element to create a pure expression of this unique terroir.

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