Diversity leads to resilience.

“The health of our Earth is the future of the coming generations, and we have the obligation of evaluating all the large and small activities that include our daily work and choosing those that are the “most gentle” and respectful of the environment. The first thing we did was to start the conversion to organic and biodynamic.”

Dilyana Vassileva
Diversity of microorganisms in the soil, wild and cultivated plants and animals on the farm leads to a rich and vibrant working relationship with nature.

The whole farm

With 20+ ha forest, 30+ beehives, cows, horses, and donkeys around our vineyards, Colline Albelle is made up of connected systems that depend on one another.

Our practices, involving of course all biodynamic preparations but also appropriate cover-crops and a constant research of balance between soil, plants, animals, humans and environment lead to a rich and vibrant working relationship with nature.

A pure expression of our terroir.

The permaculture Villa Albella kitchen garden aims for a sustainable, balanced, and aesthetic whole.

In addition to our organic and biodynamic practices, the entire estate is viewed through the lens of sustainability.
The forests, for example, are managed according to the Akira Miyawaki philosophy, which privileges restoration of dense biodiversity.

Our bees are the link between all the elements of the farm. We started with three beehives and are now at more than 30, which is for us, the greatest indicator of healthiness of our environment.

All the materials we use, from the capsules to the labels are recycled and biodegradable. Our bottles are light versions of traditional standards.

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